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Popular Questions Asked

We use the finest local oak for all of our lights with a wooden base.
The wood is treated and stained depending on the finish choosen.

No the edison bulb will not be included with the wall light. This must be purchased independently.

Yes, we can offer you a discount if you were to buy in bulk order. This can be arranged further between emails.

All of our lights with are compatiable within the US and EU countries. The lights have all been PAT tested and certified by a qualifed electrician with over 40 years experience.

The light fitting is designed for internal use only, and should not be installed to area of
excessive condensation that may be prevalent in bathrooms etc. They will also need to
meet the current electrical regulations for the positioning of light fittings to a room
containing a bath/shower. (*If you are unsure you should seek the correct advice from an

Yes, we offer a bespoke service so if you can not find the correct color match for your light on our listings we can design one exclusively for you.

Your light fitting has been electricity tested and inspected by a qualified professional
electrician prior to your delivery.

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